Vegan + Organic Chocolate Truffle Spread

  • Taste
  • Delicate dark chocolate
  • Pronounced aromas of raspberry
  • Slightly citric, floral sweetness
  • Texture
  • Mousse-like and silky
  • Melts in your mouth
  • Pairs well with
  • Brioche
  • Red wine
  • Plain coconut yogurt
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Vegan + Organic Chocolate Truffle to spread or spoon straight out of the jar

Cacao mass* ยท Cane sugar* ยท Virgin olive oil* ยท Virgin coconut oil* ยท Virgin hemp seed oil* ยท Cashew* ยท Cocoa powder* ยท Freeze-dried raspberry* ยท Salt*.

*from organic agriculture

Can contain traces of milk, other nuts and seeds and gluten.

Best to be eaten fresh.
Otherwise, we advise you to store your frajco at room temperature. Once open, consume it within one week. You can still eat it after having had it open for a few days more, but the taste will fade away a little.

Weight 240 g